Disabling the Remote Gateway on your Windows 10 VPN

If you are using a VPN for work you may want to disable the remote gateway. The remote gateway is often the internet connection on the other end of your VPN. If you don’t disable the Remote gateway in your advanced setting you may end up sending your normal internet traffic like Facebook or google searches over your company’s network. And if the company network is not connected to the internet, you may lose your internet connection altogether until you disconnect from the VPN.

I’ll assume you already have a VPN since you are on this page. In my case the VPN is called “Work VPN”

To disable the remote gateway we will need to access “Network Connections”. On Windows 10 this can be done by first clicking the “Network” button on the task bar.



Next select “Network and Internet settings”

This will bring you to the “Network & Internet Status” page.

Now click “Change adapter options”

You can now find your VPN and “right click” it. In my case it is “Work VPN”

“Right click” your VPN and select “properties”

This will open the VPN properties page. Here we want the “Networking” tab.

Now you will want to select “Internet Protocol Version 4” and again click “Properties “

Now we will hit the “Advanced” button.

Finally we will make sure that “Use default gateway on remote network” is unchecked .

Once that is unchecked hit “OK” three times once on each window to close out all the windows.

Your remote gateway should now be disabled every time you use your VPN.

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